Monday, April 2, 2018

IT'S TIME TO CHANGE (4/2/2018)


Well, here it is. The fated Second Quarter that we've been talking about for awhile. We've spent approximately 2 months working on this schedule and debating about what should be on the schedule from now on as well as what we wanted to work on, but we've finally arrived to a conclusion. Let's get started.


Yes, you read correctly. Took us 4 something years, but the more John and I (Haeden) have talked, we realized what we want to do more with OverbyNetworks rather than what it has been/ currently is. You can see that OverbyNetworks is largely, largely rooted in Let's Play videos of different video games, and our most popular videos are Connor's Mario Kart Wii videos. None of those are our favorite videos though. Most of all we enjoy the OverbyNetworks' Skits, we love Missing, we love our series like Animated and The Unathletics, and we love the content that is more cinematic and that we can pour more effort into. That's why it's time for OverbyNetworks' content to change.

We have loved getting to make game play and Let's Play videos, and they will always be videos that we look back fondly on, but there is more video content we want to make that is outside of Let's Plays that we know we can't commit to making alongside consistent gaming videos. We're trying to slowly break away with the gaming videos instead of just an abrupt overnight switch, but this is something we have spent many conversations and days on. We have not made this decision lightly. 

Of course, Connor will continue posting his Mario Kart Wii videos on there (as he likes), but Let's Plays from John, Haeden, and Alex are going to be coming to an end. We're posting what's left of the gaming videos that we have, but whenever the last one is posted we will most likely be staying away from gaming outside of our livestreams. BUT, this does not include Cookies and Cream.


TUESDAYS - Gaming Videos (until they run out)
THURSDAYS - Cookies and Cream (every other week)
FRIDAYS/SATURDAYS - The No Views Podcast

Missing Season 4 is in the editing process, but we HAVE LOST SOME FOOTAGE MAYBE POSSIBLY GOD I HOPE NOT, so it may be set back even further, OOF. Anyways, Missing Season 4 is all that we have sitting in the editing bay right now, but John and I are quickly developing new ideas that we'd like to turn into series or shorts. Of course, Missing Season 4 will have its usual time slot of Wednesday nights whenever we get the series ready to go. 

"Cookies and Cream is gaming content." 
Well, you're not completely wrong. Cookies and Cream is made using GTA V and is a somewhat hybrid of a scripted machinima and a let's play. The reason we want to continue making Cookies and Cream is because while it does involve gaming, we are able to take a more cinematic approach to the series and GTA V is one of our best mediums for creating content since all of us are too far away to make pretty much any other kind of content. We still have many antics for C and C to get in to and that we want to share with you all.

That's all, Folks. Thanks for your support and for the good memories we've had with Let's Play content. Hope you'll continue to stick around! -Haeden.

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