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A few weeks ago, we did a little photo-shoot so that I (Haeden, Fraction, whatever you wanna call me) could have some staff pictures of everyone in OverbyNetworks! What you'll find on this page includes: Staff Portraits; Staff Bios; Staff Quotes; Gold!
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John - Firestarter
Lukas - Swiss568

Hub Channel

Connor - Connor4WR
Alex - SlimsyOak05
Haeden - FractionOverby
Ryleigh - RyleighOverby


John (left) and Lukas (right) during shoot.


     On June 24, 2013, the world was blessed with a new channel; the AverageSoldiers. Run by "Meleemaster" and "Firestarter," the AverageSoldiers' first videos were mainly console driven videos in games like Halo and Call of Duty. As the channel aged, we saw the introduction of some new PC videos in games like Skyrim and Speedrunners. We also saw the use of a new tag by "Meleemaster": Swiss568! They also began to use their real names, Lukas and John! AverageSoldiers don't upload as often on their own channel, but they appear frequently on the Hub Channel.

John smiles for camera.
     John has been in multiple places. Lousiana, Mississippi, and now settling down in Virginia. John and Lukas have been friends since elementary school, and in 2013 decided to open up their collaborative channel! John is frequently on the Hub channel, and met Haeden for only a couple months before Haeden's move. Haeden and John have written and worked on multiple projects together, and John is currently rapping under the alias "3Chainz" on Soundcloud.
  • Favorite Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • First Video Appearance: "Halo 3 Submarine+SUPER WIERD GLITCH"
Quote: "If you're a pro like me you don't get shot... just killed."

Lukas looks like a beast.
     The Swiss himself. Originally going by the tag "Meleemaster," Lukas now goes by Swiss568. Lukas is responsible for uploads on the AverageSoldiers channel, and has multiple solo videos featuring himself on the channel. Lukas practically carries the AverageSoldiers on his back (quote from Haeden), but he is so humble you wouldn't even tell. Lukas is a fan of Star Wars, and a vital part of OverbyNetworks!
  • Favorite Game: Mount and Blade Warband
  • First Video Appearance: "Halo 3 Submarine+SUPER WIERD GLITCH"
Quote: "Oh, here's the baldy. You're not getting away from me buddy. Sorry."

OverbyNetworks [Hub Channel]:                                                                  

     Founded on June 25, 2013, the OverbyNetworks Hub Channel debuted their first video. OverbyNetworks as a brand/ idea originally began in 2012 as a blog. OverbyNetworks original purpose was to be the home of PKMN, one of Haeden and John's first projects. Haeden realized there was a lot more he wanted to do with the channel, and created it into a hub where he and his friends could upload videos. OverbyNetworks has had many members over the years, but this page features the 'Founding Fathers' and those that have remained the whole time.

Alex playing Halo 4 Grifball looking esports.
     The older brother of Connor, and older brother to the group practically, Alex is skilled in almost any game you show him. Usually the leader in all tactical operations, Alex is very much one of the masterminds. Alex also has credits working on the Machinima series, MISSING, being one of the lead writers and voice actors of the series. Alex is a talented writer, having written multiple stories, and is also a wonderful artist. We wouldn't want him anywhere else!

  • Favorite Game: Skyrim
  • First Video Appearance: "The Battle of Tartarus w/ Alex and Haeden - Part 1"
Quote: "Lucky for you, I don't feel like shooting you."

Connor in his driveway.
     Currently THE WORLD RECORD HOLDER, AND THE FIRST EVER PLAYER TO GET SUB 1:46.00 ON "DK Summit" in Mario Kart Wii- Connor used to go by the alias "Cutter813," but since launching his streaming career in early 2017 has now moved onto a new, more fitting tag: Connor4WR. He streams on Twitch frequently and posts his Personal Records onto the Hub Channel, but some of you may remember the days when he played Halo: Reach minigames with Haeden. Connor has been an active member since the beginning of OverbyNetworks, and we appreciate everything he's done for the channel!

  • Favorite Game: Super Mario Odyssey (as of right now)
  • First Video Appearance: "Mini Game 1 with Cutter"

Quote: "Do we have a racist in the call?"

Haeden 30 feet away from the 50 mm lens
     Self pronounced weeb and god, Haeden is rather silly and not someone who seems like they would be in charge of a multi-channel network. The owner and manager of the Hub Channel (and manager of every connected channel...), Haeden has been with OverbyNetworks since the very beginning. Haeden loves getting to see his friends upload on the channel, and loves getting the chance to work with such talented people. Haeden's credits include creating, directing, and writing the machinima series MISSING with Alex, OverbyNetworks' Animated, The Unathletics, OverbyNetworks' Skits, and more!

  • Favorite Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • First Video Appearance: "IT'S THE OVERBYNETWORKS KICK OFF!"
Quote: "YAGA!"

Ryleigh at a party LOl
     Talented would be an understatement. Self-taught guitarist and pianist, Ryleigh has been making music since OverbyNetworks first began. Those of you that have been around for a long time may remember her old tag, "demcraypeeps," or "crazypandi28." Ryleigh got her start on the channel in Halo videos, and opened her own channel for gameplay not long after. She ended up deleting her channel in 2014, and opened a new channel called "ryleigh overby." She posts covers and music on that channel where she has found much success. Ryleigh still appears in Hub videos when she likes, and has been a part of almost every New Years Eve Livestream!

  • Favorite Game: Mafia II
  • First Video Appearance: "Halo: Combat Evolved: Ep. 1: What the heck am I doing? w/ crazypandi28"
Quote: "I need to find some Sporter-22 ammo and load it up on Baby Jesus. That's what my Sporter-22's name is."

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