Friday, May 12, 2017

WELCOME BACK (5/12/17)


        Hello everybody! We recently got a new logo and will probably make a new banner sometime as well. 2017 is a whole new year for us and we are hoping to make it one of the best in our (short) history! Our new schedule started on Monday, and we are so happy to be back on a video schedule! Our channel is here!

MONDAYS: Games like Rocket League, CSGO,  just random games!
THURSDAYS: GTA V! Heists, missions, fun stuff!

       On TUESDAYS we will have Halo videos, but not one every Tuesday. When we do make them they will always be uploaded on Tuesdays. Of course, WEDNESDAY is reserved for Missing, and SATURDAY is reserved for Fraction's Fandoms! SUNDAYS and FRIDAYS are open slots for videos! Like today's video, a collab with the awesome channel "Mintz" in Rocket League!