Sunday, February 14, 2016

HEY DADY! (2/14/16)


     So another month has gone by, and I figured maybe a blog post should be written to accommodate it. Let's get rooooooight into the news!


So yes this is still a thing, and yes animation has begun for it! Audio is going to be recorded soon and that's cool. The cast is very excited, and I have many long days and nights ready to animate and edit. We finished the soundtrack and have been reviewing the script for the past week or so, and we're ready for the movie to be in full blown production.


Alex and I are trying to schedule out some time for machinimating. On the other hand, we have our voice actress for our newest character locked down and ready to go! We hope for this season to premiere LATE APRIL, EARLY MAY. We also hope for it to be better than Season 2, and honestly expect it to be.
Now in non-Missing related news, Alex and I are going to try and do a machinima in a classic: Halo: Reach. Alex is going to write it, and Connor, Alex, John, Ryleigh, and I plan on machinimating it considering we have a plentiful amount of consoles and controllers at our disposal. This won't premiere for awhile as we work on the Unathletics Movie and Missing 3, but hey it'll happen sometime.


The previously mentioned machinima could be on this list, but I decided to put it under machinima for obvious reasons. Anyways, here are some other things that are dearly beloved and hopefully in the works.
  • PKMN- The fabled short film series that we have been trying to do for over 5 years now. We are hoping and praying that 2016 would be the year that we finally get around to recording it. This movie is legitimately the life of John and I, and the sole reason we made a channel in the first place.
  • SPORTS STUFF- Connor and Haeden both (surprisingly) enjoy sports. They also love talking. Put them together, and you have what will hopefully be a series on the NEWS channel (maybe main channel, undecided as of now) where we just talk about sports. Whatever season it is would normally be the highlight for the monthly or weekly series and we honestly would love nothing more than to do this.
  • ON SKITS- We all really enjoy doing those, but rarely find the time for it. As much as we would like to, we have difficulty getting them out on a consistent basis. Look for some big ones this spring and summer that we think you'll enjoy.
  • SOME KIND OF POKEMON PLAY THROUGH OR SERIES- Everyone at OverbyNetworks (minus Ryleigh(although we think she has a little shred of love for the series) loves Pokemon. This year is the franchise's 20th anniversary, so besides PKMN, we thought that doing some sort of play through of one game would be lots of fun! So at this strawpoll here you can vote on which game you'd like to see be played! We may have different people on to talk about or play each video, but either way we'd like to do something fun to celebrate a favorite series throughout the company.


Fraction's Fandoms will make a return eventually. I just haven't gotten around to recording anything for awhile, but we want to get on a somewhat consistent schedule shortly. Alex and I want to do a Halo 5 Let's Play, John, Connor, and I play games from time to time, and John and Lukas do videos on occasion, so as always look out for our usual content on the respective channels.
You may have also noticed the blog's new layout. John and I spent some time working on it yesterday and we think the result turned out pretty well!


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