Thursday, August 27, 2015



So this past week I've been going over a lot of our content and just kind of browsing, as well as marathoned Animated's entire series last night. Going back and watching Animated I realized that it was a series that I actually enjoyed, and have been seriously considering if I should return it. During the three month production of the Christmas Special, I had written a Season 4, but after looking back at how Animated Season 3 did, it seemed to have a lot less audience retention than the other 2 seasons. Animated was a joy to make, and whenever I left it I felt like a part of me went with it. So on this strawpoll, I want you to vote for if you want Animated Season 4. By September 4 if the vote is yes and a lot of people have voted, I will begin production on a season 4 of Animated. It's something I want to see, and if you all want it, then I will make it.

Friday, August 7, 2015

NEWS AND CRAP (8/7/15)


So school has already started for John, Lukas, Alex, and Connor, and is starting for the rest of us on Wednesday. Weekend uploads and random weekday uploads that aren't Halo Campaign will be infrequent, and uploads on all other channels will be rarer than the rarest pepe. In the meantime, I will be cramming in videos and skits with some of the Network this weekend before school starts, and hopefully have some fun content for you all in the coming weeks. Livestreams will be on weekends if they are at all, and we will hopefully start that gosh darn podcast. Oh yea- we also have The Unathletics this month. This animated mini-series following a team of unathletic children will knock your socks off from pure shock factor. Originally to be a whole series and crap, technical difficulties and conflicts got in the way, so this will just be another stain on OverbyNetwork's pants. Missing 2 NOW HAS A NAME CALLED 'SEARCHING' will also for sure be out by October. We also made this dank cheap website where we're going to have our upcoming webcomic and more right here . Have fun kiddos.