Thursday, July 17, 2014



   News, Fraction's Fandoms, and Throwback Tuesday will be returning soon. Addictive Gaming may be returning, the feedback wasn't well recieved except for the games developers, who loved them. I think it still has a chance, so I'm going to be producing one more episode.  If it is well recieved the series shall continue as normal. Fraction has plans to film a Halo: Reach machinima. Voice and body actors will be needed, and if you would like to audition for a role, please contact him at . A voice sample will be needed along with a gamertag if you wish to body act as well. You do not need a mic on XBOXLive but need to be able to hear the chat for directions. In other machinima related news, Fraction has auditioned for a role in a machinima, he will be giving frequent updates on his twitter ( Fraction also plans on making a stop-motion Minecraft series with some of the new figures that have come out in stores. Expect it to roll out this fall along with Season 3 of Animated. Animated is going to see some big things, such as a christmas/ holiday special (god darnit Jimmy),  and some crossovers (News, a LEGO episode, and a Halo episode). I think that this is the end of the blogpost, hope you guys enjoyed. 

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