Thursday, July 3, 2014



     Since I have such confidence in you guys, I'm going to release the Animated Season 3 Trailer 1 video on here only!  Check it out! And hope you enjoy!

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Some things, Secret Project is being delayed once again.  We hope that by Summer 2015 we will produce 1, 2, and 3, along with the mini series that follows.  We may begin to release information and videos regarding the secret project beginning in the winter.  Although we planned to release a lot of mini movies this summer, we weren't able to make anything to weather delays.  We may have a new cast lined waiting to assist with many upcoming projects.  We hopefully will return to our regular schedule sometime next week!  Animated Season 3 Trailers will be premiering frequently.  If you couldn't tell, Animated's animation is getting slightly faster.  It may only be a couple of frames but it seems to make a difference.  All regular uploads will be returning, with more random unscheduled material similar to the Pokemon Breeding Tutorial Fraction posted today (Also LOL the way Fraction says Pokemon at the beginning).  Fraction is also updating the studio and will hopefully be giving a tour sometime in the next month.  Some things that Fraction is adding include:  Soundproofing the walls, a custom mic stand for Fraction to record audio, some updated editing programs(this is a maybe), A new desk/ stand type thing for Fraction's laptop, and a couple more things.  OverbyNetworks plans on trying to license some merchandise, such as T-Shirts, Hoodies, etc., that will be available for purchase either on here or a new store website thingy.  Wow this was a hella long blog post.

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