Friday, May 23, 2014



     I'm currently out of town and will be for a week! I was going to upload a News today but we were in a hurry to leave. There is some exciting news though.  
     Halo 5: Guardians has been announced as the next Halo game and is also the next installment of the Reclaimer saga (Halo 4-6or7). I'm very excited to see what will be added in this game and what it will bring to the franchise.  The regular schedule for the summer will most likely be
SUNDAY: None or random
MONDAY: News (once a month) and/ or random
TUESDAY: Throwback Tuesday (every other)
WEDSNDAY: None or random
THURSDAY: Possibly a new show or random
FRIDAY: Animated and/ or random
SATURDAY: Fraction's Fandoms (every other)
     This schedule should begin May 31st or June 1st.  OVERBYNETWORKS' BIRTHDAY: ON's first birthday is June 24! We have something very big and exciting planned! We hope that you will be with us for this special occasion!  
       G.A. 2: Vengeance is on hold for I don't know how long. The area that I use for stop-motion is the same place where I put my computer and it has been occupying it for way too long. I was 1 minute into GA2 but decided to scrap it because it wasn't what I planned it to be.
     Secret project is still undergoing drafts and development but it will be officially announced in June.  Firestarter, Fraction, and Crazy are anxious to see how it will turn out. This has been in the making since 2011 and is looking like it will be great!
      Thanks for reading, and stick around for more! Our twitter @FractionOverby Send us requests or questions to

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