Sunday, February 9, 2014

'Flappy Bird'


     Dong Nguyen announced today that he will be taking down the top chart game 'Flappy Bird'.  Nguyen said "That it ruined his simple life and people are very addicted."  Many of us at ON are very upset due to the fact that we all love this game!

JOHN/FIRESTARTER:  FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! I think that it is not right that Flappy Bird is being taken off.  I am very upset.

FRACTION:  I really enjoy this game.  It is a challenge and can be fun for everyone.  I think that this is a HUGE marketing stunt.  Sources say he racks in a good $50k a day.  I think that he is trying to get people to buy the game before it is "taken off" so that he can rack in a nice amount of cash.

BROOKSTHEBOSS/BROOKS:  Flappy Bird is a game where the strategy is to navigate a small bird thorugh very large green pipes and try to get a high score.  I do not think that it will get taken off.

CRAZY/CRAZYPANDI28: I'm really upset because me and Fraction really enjoy this game. PLEASE DON'T!

ALEX/ALEXOVERBY: I will most certainly miss it. I hope the developer of the game comes back again one day with Flappy Bird 2.0.


     Dong Nguyen is making a steady income off of a game that took him 2 days to program.  The title 'Flappy Bird' released in May of 2013.  He has had no success like this in his other games.  He is going to lose his income of $50k a DAY because he is supposedly upset with his non-simple life anymore.  We have 1-2 hours left of this addicting game and we will be sad if it really goes.

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