Saturday, January 18, 2014

Guardian Angel Project

 Halo Mega Bloks Production Status/ Minor Update

   Hey everyone Fraction here, I am going to be updating you on how the Halo Project is going.

Finally has a name

     I have decided to name it "Halo:  Guardian Angels."  You may wonder "Why Guardian Angels?" Well this is because of a quote in the intro.  "Have you ever wondered what may be out there?  Could it be protecting you?  Is it looking out for you?  These protectors go by one name.  Guardian Angels."  I came up with it this morning though so it may have some tweaks but it will mostly be the same.

A few frames in

     I have gotten a few frames in.  This is only a fraction (no pun intended) the intro though so expect this to be a maybe 5-10 minute short film.  I do not have school on Monday (thank you Martin Luther King Jr.!) so I will be spending it doing mostly that since I already have a Throwback Tuesday ready.  

A new type of visual for me

     I am using clay so that it will be easier for me to see when I need gunfire, blood, explosion, etc.   This is my first time using it so I hope it turns out well!  I hope to put a lot of effort into this small project!

Now to the main channel blah blah blah

     In order to prepare for Throwback Tuesday, I am downloading a bunch of demos.  I do not want to spend a lot of money on old games.  I am going to GameStop to make a list of games I need to save up for so that I can provide some new content for the channel.  I only have 50 bucks but I got my first job as a referee for soccer, and I make 10 bucks a game, and I usually have 2 games a night.  I plan to do this for a while so I can keep a steady income.  

That's about all for now, I plan on posting a video pretty soon on this so expect some material!  By guys!


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