Sunday, January 26, 2014

Employee update


     My dear friend Brooks, who gave me the idea for OverbyNetworks, has a YT channel now so I am happy to welcome him into the ON family! Check out his channel is his channel!  Please support him on his journey!  Thanks everyone,

Friday, January 24, 2014


Hey everyone I am back from my field trip and have some announcements.

     I had a lot of fun on my trip and would also like to talk about a meeting me and Alex had.  
  • Alex plans on making a very special video celebrating the Mac.
  • One thing we have done already, we made a new logo!  We felt like the old one was worn out.
  • We plan on making a new animated series that involves comedy sketches using our heads as faces.
  • We are going to start some vlogs.  Alex pitched it and I liked it.
  • We are introducing something new to Animated Season 2 that we think you will enjoy.
    It looks like that is all from me, I'll see you guys later!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Segment and G.A. Wrap Up


     If you guys have seen the description for the latest Throwback Tuesday, you will see that I finally remembered to put the link to the blog.  This post will talk about the wrapping up of Guardian Angels and some new stuff I have planned.


     Last night, I finished the last frame in Guardian Angels.  I experimented with a green screen in one scene, used lots of clay, stepped on many a Legos, all for this production.  I am really excited that I was able to finish it now onto the slow process of editing.  I will be using voices in this so expect dialogue, because if there wasn't any then you would be completely lost.  This was a ton of fun to make.  The final frame count came down to 426 frames over the process of three days.  I listened to the amazing guys on the Rooster Teeth Podcast as I worked, and also as I took minor breaks.  If you want to try this out, I definitely recommend doing it on vacation or on the weekend, because this is very time consuming. 


     Fraction (me) and Alex have come up with a new show that we will air on the first of every month.  It's kind of like a podcast but we have visuals a lot more.   The pilot will be going up on February the first.  We plan on 20-30 minutes of talking about the latest games, our favorite videos of that month, and other things.  We hope that you will tune in to watch!

That is all for this time, keep checking in for more announcements and such from the ON crew!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Guardian Angel Project

 Halo Mega Bloks Production Status/ Minor Update

   Hey everyone Fraction here, I am going to be updating you on how the Halo Project is going.

Finally has a name

     I have decided to name it "Halo:  Guardian Angels."  You may wonder "Why Guardian Angels?" Well this is because of a quote in the intro.  "Have you ever wondered what may be out there?  Could it be protecting you?  Is it looking out for you?  These protectors go by one name.  Guardian Angels."  I came up with it this morning though so it may have some tweaks but it will mostly be the same.

A few frames in

     I have gotten a few frames in.  This is only a fraction (no pun intended) the intro though so expect this to be a maybe 5-10 minute short film.  I do not have school on Monday (thank you Martin Luther King Jr.!) so I will be spending it doing mostly that since I already have a Throwback Tuesday ready.  

A new type of visual for me

     I am using clay so that it will be easier for me to see when I need gunfire, blood, explosion, etc.   This is my first time using it so I hope it turns out well!  I hope to put a lot of effort into this small project!

Now to the main channel blah blah blah

     In order to prepare for Throwback Tuesday, I am downloading a bunch of demos.  I do not want to spend a lot of money on old games.  I am going to GameStop to make a list of games I need to save up for so that I can provide some new content for the channel.  I only have 50 bucks but I got my first job as a referee for soccer, and I make 10 bucks a game, and I usually have 2 games a night.  I plan to do this for a while so I can keep a steady income.  

That's about all for now, I plan on posting a video pretty soon on this so expect some material!  By guys!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fraction's New Post

Heyo everyone, it's Fraction here.  I haven't posted in a while and I wanted to make up for it.


  • I am working on a new project that isn't the secret one I have mentioned before.  It is a stop-motion hint hint.  Okay I'll come out.  It's a Halo megabloks stop motion similar to the Labor Day special but it focuses a lot more on emotions and story line than the special did, and probably more than anything I have done.  I hope to begin production on the 17th. :) I promise tears.
  • Wrapping up writing ONE of the installations of the SECRET project.  This has been a long time in the making so I hope it turns out as good as I imagine.  Firestarter and I discuss this a lot.
  • Beginning installation TWO of the SECRET project.  This installation focuses more on the little things in the project. This one has been brainstormed a lot and has actually had a few drafts before now.  I promise a thriller out of this one.
  • RECORDING MORE.  This one is pretty self-explanatory.  But for those of you who want more in depth I mean more Throwback Tuesday, Animated S2 (yay!), and more miscellaneous videos.  Expect more drive this year than I had last year.
  • I am working on making my own music and borrowing some from my cousin who just got a launchpad so... expect custom music I guess?
  • Working on a parody.  I have been wanting to make a parody since we made the channel and now I think that you can probably expect seeing it in February.  At least I hope. 
     Wowzers that was a LONG post on my part.  If you don't check frequently then I suggest you do it more often because I will be posting little teases of projects and behind the scenes stuff.
                                Thanks for the read,