Sunday, December 29, 2013

Welcome to the blog

Hello everybody!  Fraction here, just wanted to stop by and talk about our new blog.  This blog will include updates that could not make it to videos, or little extras.  This blog will also include posts from Alex, Fire-starter, Me, and Crazy. 

Right now Me, Crazy, and Fire-starter are working on a project that we can't release any information on.  This is something that has been in motion since 2011.  We have most of the necessities needed to go through with our project but as of right now we are just preparing.

The New Years Live Stream will begin at 10:30 on Alex's channel ( and end at Midnight (Central!).  We will be in a Skype call and doing things such as games or questions or talking about highlights of the year.  This will include the future members of BagelFilmz, which is Alex's newest channel with a few friends, Fire-starter, demcraypeeps (Crazy), and of course, Me.

We also are going to be getting an official website soon. Stay tuned
for more info on that.*

Recently, we hit 66 subs, something of which we think is a huge accomplishment and we just want to thank each and every one of you guys for helping us get this far!  We promise to continue to give you guys the best we can.

See you next time,
*Alex made that edit